The most difficult part of blogging is getting started.

I swore I’d never have a blog, but then I thought I’d never get old either, and as I’ve got older I’ve found that I have a lot of things that I know a lot about for a short time and then forget them, or they’re no longer important nor useful to me.

So, this blog.

My plan is to get what I know written down and published. Not for you, but for my future self, so that when I wonder about where the time went and what I did with it, I can come back here and see how I wasted it.

I’ve got lots of stuff I want to write down, most of it geeky and technical and not very exciting unless you’re into CSS and HTML and that, but there’ll hopefully be some interesting and useful insight into business, customer service and marketing too.

I’m a Mac User.

So there’ll be some stuff about the software I use every day and the software I tried and didn’t like.

Check back in a while and see if I’ve written anything interesting, or maybe you could subscribe and save me worrying about if you remember to come back.