Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press is a small team of web designers and developers based in Brooklyn, NY who build graphically minimal WordPress themes for photographers, artists and entrepreneurs. Their content-rich designs allow you to create a blog, build a portfolio and sell your photography or artwork online in one place! They offer a variety of free …

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Internet Explorer Birthdays

Just so we remember how old it is…

  • Internet Explorer 9 – 14 Mar 2011
  • Internet Explorer 8 – 19 Mar 2009
  • Internet Explorer 7 – 18 Oct 2006
  • Internet Explorer 6 – 27 Aug 2001

Colorlabs Backbone Theme and WordPress 3.5

After much head scratching and nudges from others I found the reason why the sliders and the dropdown menu stopped working in the backbone theme when I upgraded to WP3.5 Because the theme is called Backbone, they naturally called their javascript set up file backbone.js WordPress 3.5 adds a different backbone.js to core: in …

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Running WordPress in a local OSX Dev environment.

Up until now I thought I either had to download and install updates manually, or set up an FTP server locally. Whilst idly investigating setting up the OSX FTP server I found a much better alternative. In case someone else is living in the same state of frustrated ignorance I reproduce the instructions here: fix …

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Unresponsive keyboard and mouse after booting Lion

I finally found the cause of my intermittent issue, whereby Lion would sit sulking at the login prompt after booting up and no keyboard input or mouse click would appear to work. They were accepted, as after a lengthy delay they’d appear in the login boxes and the boot would continue. Looking in the console …

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Successful selling

Here are some notes from a lot of sales courses I attended, condensed into some simple checklists.  I don’t much like the salesmen they create, but they’re interesting to reflect on.

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Mazlo’s hierarchy of needs

When looking at why people do things, you can first check where they are in this hierarchy, don’t expect as much from people who are struggling to meet the first level.

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